Facts about the Sugar Crystals

Sugar crystals refer to highly soluble solid sucrose molecules. They are formed during the process of crystallization of sugarcane juice. The process of sugar crystallization was first done in the south Asia 30 A.D and the knowledge spread to India, then it went to Europe before spreading to the rest of the world. Sugar juice is obtained from the sugarcane crops which are tall, bamboo like giant tropical grasses with a high content of sucrose. Sugarcane is cultivated in many countries that are situated in the tropical region. When the sugarcanes have matured, they are harvested and taken to sugar processing factories where sugar is made. In some case, sugar could be processed from the sugar beets, which too, have a high sucrose molecules and they are common in Brazil.

Sugar Crystals

Sugar crystals have numerous uses; to begin with, they are used during food preparations as well as in decoration.  To give food the sweet taste, some sugar is always added and many food recipes use sugar as the main sweetener. In addition to that, the crystals are used in sweet foods such as the pastries among other foods to add the decadence. This is not all; most of the soft drinks industries use a lot of sugar while preparing the drinks. This gives the drinks the sweet flavor though a few drinks are made from sweeteners which are not sugar based especially those taken by the diabetic patients as sugar is known to affect them.

In the movie industries, sugar crystals are used to make glassy looking surfaces which are used in the movie aerobatics. It is a common scene to see a movie actor breaking through glass windows which in many instances are not real glass but the glassy surfaces made of the crystals. This is to ensure the actor sustains minimum injuries during the act and does not demean the alluring act. You should thus be aware that the starring in your movies does not normally break glasses though they look just like glasses.

Other that the widespread use of sugar in several areas which is associated with food industries, it has been associated with some few problems. One condition which is much blamed on sugar is the type 2 diabetes. Patients suffering from this condition are unable to produce enough insulin which would be used control blood sugar level and hence the patient may high higher values of blood sugar. In addition to that, sugar crystals have been also linked to obesity especially in the sugary junk foods which are a common diet for many obese patients. Finally, sugar has also been associated with tooth decay problems thus it is good to use these sweet crystals with much care. However, all the above associated conditions are caused by not only sugar but it accelerates them.

Finally, Sugar crystals have been used historically to serve many other purposes, and have cultural significances which have been held so important. A case worthy to mention is in the United States where the government supported the sugar crystallization and imposed huge taxes on the commodity trade. Sugar is a major foreign income earner for countries like China, Brazil, and Thailand among many more.