Sugar Crystals

Sugar crystals have many uses which range from their use in food industries, home cooking activities as well as in the movie industry. It is good to know how you could make your sugar crystals at home for the various uses you need. You don’t have to depend on the industrially processed sugar but you could grow crystals of your own size, it is an easy process which your child who has done basic science can do well. It is fun too and there is a lot to learn such as nucleation and saturation activities. The process is similar to the one of making the salt crystals but the sugar ones are so tasty and you will not resist tasting them.

Sugar Crystals

You will require water, sugar, a source of heat, a glass jar, a pencil, a stirring spoon and many other apparatus which will aid you during the entire process. To begin with, you will tie a piece of cotton or woolen string in the middle of your pencil. Using a synthetic fiber will fail to give you the desired results. You should then put the pencil across your jar, ensure that your jar is wide enough as this will affect the extent to which the sugar crystals will grow and expand to. The length of the yarn string should be reaching the bottom of your jar.

Take some water in a pot and boil it over medium or high flames, while the water is heating, you will measure three cups of sugar which will be used per each cup of water used. These premeasured ratios are important as they will ensure saturation is achieved. Once your water has boiled, start adding sugar into the measured water, depending on the amount of sugar crystals you want growing as you stir. The process should be quick to avoid water from cooling, add sugar while stirring until no more sugar can dissolve. You could add some coloring if you require your crystals to have them.

Transfer the sugar solution you have prepared to your jar where the crystals will grow. Ensuring that the yarn in the sugar solution. Take the jar to somewhere it will not be disturbed and avoiding placing it in direct sunlight. Cover the top of your jar with a wire gauze or paper to keep off any possible form of contaminations. Let it be stand for 24 hours and the crystals will start forming and at the end of the week or ten days you will notice they have grown to substantial sizes and they will be formed all the way to the point where the yarn exits the solution.

Finally, as you are growing the sugar crystals, you ought to know that cooling essentially helps the crystals to form as the lower the temperature the lower the sugar saturation point. If you want to get crystals forming easily you will be require to supersaturate water at high temperatures and cool it. Since some foods like the candy should not contain some crystals, fructose is normally added to avoid crystal formation. Fructose considerably reduces the extent to which the crystallization process goes to.